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​HindLight Media

Austin L. Wiggins

HindLight Media Owner

 ​​​We're a creative team that strives to bring your vision to life in a way that is most captivating to your audience. We are a dynamic and result-oriented with nearly a decade of experience in almost every type of video production imaginable. We pride ourselves on bringing a unique spin on what seems to be a "nothing-is-undone" craft.​We are a company that creates both client based and original content. We are not afraid to step outside of the box and break the boundaries of how to get the job done the right way at the most affordable cost.

"The vision behind the light is the filmmaker's most valuable possession." 

– Austin L. Wiggins

HindLight Media, LLC


Founded: 2013

Owner: Austin L. Wiggins


Areas of expertise:  Multimedia creation including: video, photos, graphic design and social media management & optimization

We are currently ramping up our social marketing as well as creating both original and client-based video content. We encourage you all to find us on our social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – for now.

We also have a couple interactive opportunities for you included our very own easter egg hunt throughout the city of Rome, GA and a contest for some lucky winners to get a free music video produced by us!

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With nearly a decade of experience in design and video production, Austin brings awesome leadership to his team on every project. He loves his wife, disc golf and more salsa than any man should.

​He holds a degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta.